Welded Cages

In addition to being part of North America’s leading fabricator, installer and distributor of concrete reinforcing steel, Harris Rebar’s Fort Saskatchewan branch is home for two state of the art Schnell Rebar Cage Welding Machines. These feature full CNC control and robotic welding, producing a consistent, high quality product in time to meet your schedule. These cages are perfect for CFA piling and are used by some of the leading piling companies and utilities providers in Western Canada.

Our Cage Shop staff are experienced, reliable and committed to the highest of quality and safety standards. Our operators and procedures are certified and sanctioned by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Cages are available in diameters from 200 – 1500mm.

  • All cages are welded with weldable rebar/deformed wire.
  • Cages from 8″ to 60″ diameter & up to 60′ lengths
  • All cages are fabricated on our spiral weld machine operated by certified CWB welders
  • Cage types available include Continuous Flight Augering (CFA), Compacto, Welded Spiral, and Threaded Welded Spiral.

Our welded cages meet all tied reinforcing standards, and are fabricated in a controlled environment with safety being our number one goal. Our cages are consistent and more durable than tied cages, allowing them to withstand transportation to and around your jobsite and easily placed in the pile hole. Our CWB certified operators and procedures ensure every cage meets our high quality standards.

Harris Rebar welded cages are delivered ready for installation, which reduces on site labor, makes onsite housekeeping far less time consuming and greatly reduces the potential of onsite safety incidents. In short, Harris Rebar welded cages are more consistent, more durable, and delivered onsite ready to install.

In addition, Harris Rebar Fort Saskatchewan, can produce anchor bolts for your piling project. When combined and installed into a welded pile cage, makes installation an easy one-step process. We can install bolt assemblies into the welded cage at your requested BCD (Bolt Centre Diameter) and projection length for your particular project. These cages can be delivered to site, with the bolts installed accurately and ready to be set into place. Our bolt assembly cages are increasing in popularity, being requested and recommended by leading utilities providers/installers in Western Canada for residential, commercial and industrial signage and lighting projects.

Harris Rebar truly is a one stop solution for your various piling projects.